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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Away Gig in Richland, also, I'm going to start talking about breakfast more...

I'm in a "comedy gantlet" this week as I like to call it. I've had a gig every night, Sunday to Sunday. Tonight is the last one. In the life of a professional comedian, not that big of a deal, I know. But for me, it has been a crazy week. The results though have been good; had one of my best sets at the Owl & Thistle bar in downtown, and really getting comfortable delivering both old and new material.

Friday night's gig was at a country club in Richland, WA, about a 3 hour drive from Seattle. The headliner was Brad Upton, great guy to work with and amazingly funny. I didn't get a chance to eat dinner that night, so three gin and tonics later (which were bought by members of the country club) I kindly asked Brad to drive me back to the hotel so I could pass out. Nine hours later I'm back in the car for Seattle, but stopped on the way back to do some wine tasting.

Before the wine tasting though, I had breakfast. I really love breakfast. Have I told you that? Well I do. More than a lot of things, I love breakfast. Its the most important meal of the day! You can have anything from any food-group and breakfast covers it. Fats, got it. Fruits and vegies, total possibility. Grains, proteins, dairy, holy crap its awesome. As I've started traveling more and more for comedy, I find myself eating breakfast at new and interesting places. Every town has their "favorite breakfast place". If you were in Seattle, I would say "Pete's Eggsnest" in Wallingford or "The Hurricane" in Belltown. I don't care if you agree with me, it's my blog. So from now on, expect some posts dedicated to my love for breakfast, with a comedic spin, as I over-analyze one of my favorite things. That's what I do if you're my favorite.

While in Richland, I went to "Sterlings Famous Steaks and Seafood" for breakfast. Originally, I was a little skeptical, as this doesn't sound like breakfast off the bat. Then again, neither does "The Hurricane". Anyways, I ordered the New York Omelet. There wasn't anything really New York about the omelet, but the omelet is one of those things where the name is mostly cute. Oh, the California omelet has avocados and Monterrey jack cheese, how freaking novel?!? Call it whatever you want. Even if you called it the "Clint Eastwood" and put avocado in it, people would still go, oh, its a California omelet. This is extra ironic because Clint Eastwood was the mayor of Carmel which is a city in California. Ooooooh. Just eat your eggs with stuff in them, ok? The French are laughing at us once again...

I realized I wanted to start blogging about breakfast when I was almost done, hence the mostly eaten plates and the $20 bill sitting there. I've already covered the omelet. It was ok. As you can see, I didn't finish it; this was how it ended. The biscuit, well, I've been ruined by the monster amazingness of a biscuit I got at the "West Site Cafe" in Bend, Oregon. Man, seriously. Best biscuits ever! Totally kicked this biscuit's ass, hands own. Overall, the meal tried to make itself up with the fruit plate, which was, by far, the crowning achievement for the meal. The only other thing that was better than the food was the pattern all all the dinnerware. Its kind of Pacific Northwestern Native American as captured by JC Penny's. I kind of liked it though, if only because I know that this place is the only one I will ever go with that dinnerware design. Overall, good breakfast, I may have just ordered the wrong thing. Try the blueberry muffin instead of the biscuit. I hear they are better there.

Also, I need to figure out whether I'm pro or against salad bars...


  1. Breakfast is a lot more complicated a concept than I think most people understand...

  2. people and their love for breakfast...i will never get it.

    second of all. let me help you out. you are against salad bars. trust me on this one.