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Thursday, March 19, 2009

When I say I'm going to make t-shirts...

...I make freakin t-shirts. Now I only had to make 5 attempts at getting a good screen, AND the 5th screen was completed around 1am on Monday. Knock off the fact that I spent $50 on supplies and another $30 on the two shirts (ya I only made two!), and it was a pretty fun experience in the end. At least now I know how to screen print my own shirts, right? Lesson learned though, I will never attempt to make t-shirts to sell. That is what the Internet is for.

If you read my last post, you should already know the backstory to why I had to make this shirt.

Yep, that's the final product. Awesome no? I wore it out to the open mic on Tuesday. The cool kids got it. Everyone else can suck it. And by "it" I mean my giant CGI enhanced NOT BLUE wiener. NOT BLUE, got it!?! Does it say anywhere on my shirt that I have a blue penis. No! It says hung like, as in size, not color. That thing in the center is not a boob with a mole on it. Go see the freaking movie. Douches.

Working on a shirt now that says "Expendable Crew Member" on it for the new Star Trek premiere cause you know at least a couple of people are going to die in it. Kind of a throwback to "Galaxy Quest" too. Again, my wit will be lost on the masses...

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